The 10 Best Weight Gain Pills & Mass Gainer Supplements for Bulking

Weight gain pills are popular for those who are after their perfect body, with two very specific types: #weight loss and #weight gain. Mass gainers are designed to help people bulk up while they’re working on their appearance, and gain the weight they might otherwise struggle to put on.

Bulk Supplements

Sometimes, bulking alone can be difficult. Especially as you get closer to your goal. Finding safe and legal bodybuilding supplements can seem like a gift. They help  increase the muscle building properties of the body, and don’t give any unwanted side effects as you take them.

Both Stack Labs and Crazy Bulk offer bulking stacks to help ensure you’re getting everything in one easy package.

  1. Crazy Bulk

CB Bulking StackCrazy Bulk offers bulking stack of four products designed to increase the internal body temperature, encourage testosterone hormone production and keep you energized through your workouts without sacrificing yourself or your form through exhaustion.

Their bulking supplements have proven results from the people who have purchased, with praises being sang for them and what they’re products have managed to do for people.

The products included in their bulking stack are D-Bal, DecaDuro, Testo-Max and Trenorol. They come in four week cycles, and are designed to work with a good training programme and healthy diet.


  1. Stack Labs

Bulking Stack LabsStack Labs a similar four bottle package deal, offering to do the same deal, alongside a handy supplement cycle chart to help you understand when and how to take your pills.

They have less reviews on their website, but the ones they do have promote their effectiveness, and give examples of how they’re working for them.

In this pack you’ll find Testobulk, Danbulk, Anabulk and Decabulk, all designed to help increase strength and muscle mass. This particular brand comes in a six week cycle, and lets you know when to start each supplement.


The 5 Best Weight Gain Pills

Gaining weight healthily can be difficult to do – of course, it’s easy to overeat, but that usually isn’t the weight that bodybuilders are looking for. Eating excessively, unhealthy, can definitely lead to a larger body mass but a lot of it will end up as fat. Muscle is much denser than fat is, and therefore it’s better to pile on.

A pound of fat is much different than a pound of muscle – despite them weighing the same. When people, especially those who are looking to be one of the top mass gainers, talk about gaining weight they usually mean they want to be a muscle mass gainer.

Luckily, just like the craze with weight loss pills, weight gain supplements are a thing and both Crazy Bulk and Stack Labs has you covered. They offer the best mass gainers out there and they’re completely safe and legal to take, and not only that, but they also offer the best weight gainer supplements that you can take without inflicting nasty side effects on your body.

1. D-Bal

D-Bal has been designed to be a safe and legal alternative to other well known steroids out there. The main purpose of D-Bal is to help your muscle tissue hold in more nitrogen.

Nitrogen is essential in the muscle building process, and the more stores you have of it, the more likely you are to make impressive gains.

It also helps to speed up your metabolism – a faster metabolism can help with burning through body fat, and the increase in protein synthesis means that you won’t be losing muscle mass as you go.

#2 – Trenorol

Trenorol as Trenbolone ReplacementThose in the weight lifting industry might have head of Trenbolone. Trenorol helps to recreate those effects while being completely legal and safe to take. As well as helping with nitrogen production to help increase protein synthesis, it also increases the production of red blood cells.

Red blood cells carry oxygen around the body, something that muscles tend to burn through when being exercised. The more oxygen you have feeding your muscles through a workout, the more powerful your work out will be and the more likely you are to make good gains through it.

#3 – Decaduro

Decadurabolin SupplementDecaduro boasts multiple benefits in helping you gain muscle mass, and weight, by not only helping increase nitrogen stores and oxygen circulation,but by also increasing your collagen synthesis.

Collagen is well known for being the reason that skin is elastic and able to bounce back, but it also helps increase the strength of ligaments and your tendons. The stronger these are, the less likely you are to injure yourself. Not only that, but it reduces soreness from workouts, meaning you can go for longer and really pack on those healthy pounds.

#4 – Anadrole

Anadrole SupplementEver got to the end of a work out, or a set, and been entirely exhausted? That burn in your muscles, the weakening that everyone feels as they’re pushing themselves to the end of their abilities?

Anadrole helps push you  past that by increasing the oxygen circulation around your body, giving your muscles that extra boost they need to get through your reps and sets. The more you can put your muscles through and the more extensive workout they get, the more likely you are to tear and repair your muscles, leading to stronger and heavier muscles, and gaining the weight needed.

#5 – Anabulk Mass

Anabulk Mass GainerDesigned to help people bulk out, Anabulk Mass is a great way to make top mass gains, and still get a quick recovery time.

It reduces the protein break down, leading to faster gains, and also increases the speed of protein synthesis – a vital part of muscle building.

Not only that, but it also helps your muscles retain water which is an important part of repair. The more water that your muscles retain, the more protected they are and the less likely you are to experience aches and pains.

The 5 Best Weight Gain Powders

Protein powder is making waves; most people who want to gain muscle, or even are just attending a gym regularly, look to incorporate them into their diet and it’s no surprise. They’re helpful for gaining weight fast, and especially for those looking for muscle gain supplements, and they’re suitable for men and women alike.

They’re a good way of getting in healthy mass gainer supplements, and providing your body with nutrients that it’s craving. Pills to gain weight are great, but if you’re looking to gain weight fast, then protein shakes for weight gain are definitely the way forwards.

#1 – Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass

On Serious Mass GainerWeight gain tablets are great, but most don’t pack the punch of the added calories. Both gaining weight and losing weight is simple math – to gain weight, simply increase your calorie intake to beyond what your body manages to burn in a day.

Serious Mass packs a massive amount of calories in a small amount of instant powder and is perfect for after workouts to help heal and repair muscles thanks to the 50 gr of protein that comes with it.

#2 – Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer

Pro GainerWeight gainer shakes are a good way to get in those additional calories, with ease. Drinking calories is easier than consuming them through meals, especially when you consider the foods that need to be eaten in a healthy diet and how they’re usually very low calorie. Lean meats and veg don’t pack that much of a punch compared.

Pro Gainer gives you a hit of 650 calories in one, with a high protein to carb ratio. It also includes vitamins and minerals designed to help out your body and give it everything it’s craving after a workout.

#3 – BSN True Mass

BSN True MassTrue Mass is filled with 700 calories, which includes a massive 50g of protein and 90g of carbs, ensuring your body has the energy that it needs to produce quality muscles and that much coveted weight gain.

It helps provide quick healing from achy, overworked muscles, and refuels you thanks to the number of carbohydrates available in one shake.


#4 – MuscleTech MASS-TECH

Muscle Tech MASS-TECHIf you’re looking for something high protein then MASS-TECH is definitely a step in the right direction.

It delivers a whopping amount of 63g of protein in each serving, which all work at different speeds to ensure your body is getting what it needs, when it needs.

It helps to preserve muscle glycogen stores, and keeps your muscles nice and healthy while your body burns through any additional fat it can find to fuel you.

#5 – Pro Jym

Jym Pass Gym Protein PowderFor those looking to keep their carbohydrate consumption low, Pro Jym includes 30g of carbs that are countered by 30g of protein per serving.

It’s packed with different kinds of protein, too, such as whey and egg, to ensure your body is getting just what it needs.

Taken after a workout, it can help to spike your protein synthesis and lead to better and bigger muscles.