HCG Complex Reviews – 7 Facts You Must Know About

There are many different conflicting views that have been expressed over the HCG complex drops. However, what has been agreed upon is the noticeable weight loss caused by the diet.

Many reviews over the Biosource HCG complex are quick to note the dramatic weight loss caused by the product.

1. Review of HCG Complex from My Close Friend

HCG Complex for SaleA friend of mine had struggled with self-image issues for years. She decided to try this diet to shed some of the weight that always makes her feel so self-conscious.

At first she was really excited about the results – the diet lived up to its promise of being able to burn through 1 to 4 pounds of fat per day.

However, as time progressed, she began to worry about the rapid weight loss. She wasn’t feeling like herself, and the limited diet she had to follow wasn’t giving her enough energy to complete her daily routine. At the end of the diet, she began to gain back weight and feeling awful.

Although she did keep some weight off, she gained a lot of weight back simply by going back to her normal eating habits (which was not following the recommended 2,000 calories) –

However, she admitted to me that this is not necessarily a bad thing as long as she can accompany her HCG drops diet in conjunction with a healthy diet, which she hasn’t done yet.

2. Different Persons, Different Results

hcg complex increase metabolic rate

The result will be different for each person because the body’s metabolic system of each person is different. The B-12 vitamins ingredient contained in the HCG Complex supplement is there to avoid rapid weight gain after dieting.

Nevertheless, one must maintain a healthy diet even though the weight has dropped through HCG Complex.

Ultimately, HCG complex diet can prove to be enormously useful towards weight loss. However, it is important to keep in mind that this is a temporary solution.

To put it another way, it shouldn’t be the end of your weight loss strategy. A consistent schedule of diet and exercise will be essential, in terms of keeping the weight off.

3. How Does HCG Complex Work?

how does Complex Drops work

HCG (human chronic gonadotropin) Complex is created by Biosourcelabs. It is a synthesized hormone that is normally made by a woman’s body during pregnancy. HCG works by releasing fat storage in a woman’s body to ensure that she and the baby have enough nutrients to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Since the body requires so much energy for the creation of a fetus, there needs to be additional nutrients provided for the mother and child – thus the HCG is used to produce them. This is also the reason that the HCG complex works so effectively in the diet.

The hormone works in the same way, even though there is no fetus present to benefit from the release of the fat cells. When a person takes the HCG Complex in accord with the diet regimen, they are depriving the body of enough nutrients to maintain a constant weight – thus causing all of the weight loss that yields what people see as amazing results.

However, the body goes into ‘survival mode’ after being deprived of enough nutrients to keep the body functioning at a normal level. The body feels as though it is starving.

Because of this, when you begin eating again, your body will cling to all of the nutrients that are being fed to it and you will experience rapid weight gain again. This is where B-12 vitamins ingredient takes place.

4. Looking More at Its Ingredients

It is worth keeping in mind the ingredients of HCG Complex. The promise with these drops is that you are getting something that is completely natural. This is absolutely true.

The ingredients are Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, vitamin B12, magnesium phosphate, natrium phosphoricum, American ginseng, fucus vesiculosus (bladderwrack), L-Arginine, L-Carnitine, L-Ornithine, L-Lysine and L-glutamic acid. These ingredients work on a number of levels. When combined, they provide a consistent, effective, and highly safe boost to your metabolism.

A low-calorie diet can emphasize these benefits.

In terms of specific ingredient benefits, vitamin B12 can benefit your nerves and red blood cells. Vitamin B12 is required in each HCG drops product, to ensure you do not experience significant weight gain after the diet lasts. When you do not find this vitamin in the HCG drops product, then you have chosen the wrong product.

L-arginine benefits blood flow. American ginseng can help with low iron in the blood. The list goes on. Research these ingredients further, and you will find consistencies in what they individually offer.

All of them improve the various functions that help to optimize your metabolism. It makes other parts of your system more effective, which can naturally benefit things like mood and energy on a variety of levels.

While it is doing all of this, it is also benefiting your metabolism. The drops need only be used 2-3 times per day. As your metabolism begins to improve, which should happen in fairly short order, you will find yourself with more energy.

This in turn can help you to continue utilizing smart strategies to keep the weight off for the long term.

5. HCG Complex Compared to Other Products

Let’s compare this with Hydroxycut product, which is another diet product, is often consumed by the market. Hydroxycut refers to a dietary supplement family that is designed to help with weight loss. Mixes and protein bars are two examples of products you can find.

While these products are indeed effective, they do not seem to be as effective as HCG complex. Furthermore, Hydroxycut alternatives like MHP Anadrox, and SAN Tight Hardcore contain either chemicals, or utilize ingredients that are not proven to be as effective, as what you’re getting with HCG complex.

Many of the supplements you buy at such a costly price are based on enhancing natural products that help your body boost its metabolism. Ever wonder about those green tea pills you see at your local stores that promise to give you amazing weight loss results?

For similar results, all you have to do is add green tea to your diet. You’ll be able to boost your metabolism!

6. Company Profile

Biosourcelabs is based out of California and are responsible for researching and creating products to help the human body by using known processes to enhance the way the body is able to function.

This is why they are able to produce products like HCG, and Garcinia Cambogia. However, even though their products are very effective, it is not necessarily very safe.

7. Is HCG Complex Worth It?

Compared to other products, it is. While there are some side effects of this product that you should keep in mind, it’s really nothing in the realm of serious.

Furthermore, side effects like dizziness, headaches, constipation, and leg cramps are all considered to be relatively minor in almost all reported cases. In other words, you can manage anything that may happen on your own.