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The 10 Best Weight Gain Pills & Mass Gainer Supplements for Bulking

Weight gain pills are popular for those who are after their perfect body, with two very specific types: #weight loss and #weight gain. Mass gainers are designed to help people bulk up while they’re working on their appearance, and gain the weight they might otherwise struggle to put on.

Bulk Supplements

Sometimes, bulking alone can be difficult. Especially as you get closer to your goal. Finding safe and legal bodybuilding supplements can seem like a gift. They help  increase the muscle building properties of the body, and don’t give any unwanted side effects as you take them.

Both Stack Labs and Crazy Bulk offer bulking stacks to help ensure you’re getting everything in one easy package.

  1. Crazy Bulk

CB Bulking StackCrazy Bulk offers bulking stack of four products designed to increase the internal body temperature, encourage testosterone hormone production and keep you energized through your workouts without sacrificing yourself or your form through exhaustion.

Their bulking supplements have proven results from the people who have purchased, with praises being sang for them and what they’re products have managed to do for people.

The products included in their bulking stack are D-Bal, DecaDuro, Testo-Max and Trenorol. They come in four week cycles, and are designed to work with a good training programme and healthy diet.


  1. Stack Labs

Bulking Stack LabsStack Labs a similar four bottle package deal, offering to do the same deal, alongside a handy supplement cycle chart to help you understand when and how to take your pills.

They have less reviews on their website, but the ones they do have promote their effectiveness, and give examples of how they’re working for them.

In this pack you’ll find Testobulk, Danbulk, Anabulk and Decabulk, all designed to help increase strength and muscle mass. This particular brand comes in a six week cycle, and lets you know when to start each supplement.


The 5 Best Weight Gain Pills

Gaining weight healthily can be difficult to do – of course, it’s easy to overeat, but that usually isn’t the weight that bodybuilders are looking for. Eating excessively, unhealthy, can definitely lead to a larger body mass but a lot of it will end up as fat. Muscle is much denser than fat is, and therefore it’s better to pile on.

A pound of fat is much different than a pound of muscle – despite them weighing the same. When people, especially those who are looking to be one of the top mass gainers, talk about gaining weight they usually mean they want to be a muscle mass gainer.

Luckily, just like the craze with weight loss pills, weight gain supplements are a thing and both Crazy Bulk and Stack Labs has you covered. They offer the best mass gainers out there and they’re completely safe and legal to take, and not only that, but they also offer the best weight gainer supplements that you can take without inflicting nasty side effects on your body.

1. D-Bal

D-Bal has been designed to be a safe and legal alternative to other well known steroids out there. The main purpose of D-Bal is to help your muscle tissue hold in more nitrogen.

Nitrogen is essential in the muscle building process, and the more stores you have of it, the more likely you are to make impressive gains.

It also helps to speed up your metabolism – a faster metabolism can help with burning through body fat, and the increase in protein synthesis means that you won’t be losing muscle mass as you go.

#2 – Trenorol

Trenorol as Trenbolone ReplacementThose in the weight lifting industry might have head of Trenbolone. Trenorol helps to recreate those effects while being completely legal and safe to take. As well as helping with nitrogen production to help increase protein synthesis, it also increases the production of red blood cells.

Red blood cells carry oxygen around the body, something that muscles tend to burn through when being exercised. The more oxygen you have feeding your muscles through a workout, the more powerful your work out will be and the more likely you are to make good gains through it.

#3 – Decaduro

Decadurabolin SupplementDecaduro boasts multiple benefits in helping you gain muscle mass, and weight, by not only helping increase nitrogen stores and oxygen circulation,but by also increasing your collagen synthesis.

Collagen is well known for being the reason that skin is elastic and able to bounce back, but it also helps increase the strength of ligaments and your tendons. The stronger these are, the less likely you are to injure yourself. Not only that, but it reduces soreness from workouts, meaning you can go for longer and really pack on those healthy pounds.

#4 – Anadrole

Anadrole SupplementEver got to the end of a work out, or a set, and been entirely exhausted? That burn in your muscles, the weakening that everyone feels as they’re pushing themselves to the end of their abilities?

Anadrole helps push you  past that by increasing the oxygen circulation around your body, giving your muscles that extra boost they need to get through your reps and sets. The more you can put your muscles through and the more extensive workout they get, the more likely you are to tear and repair your muscles, leading to stronger and heavier muscles, and gaining the weight needed.

#5 – Anabulk Mass

Anabulk Mass GainerDesigned to help people bulk out, Anabulk Mass is a great way to make top mass gains, and still get a quick recovery time.

It reduces the protein break down, leading to faster gains, and also increases the speed of protein synthesis – a vital part of muscle building.

Not only that, but it also helps your muscles retain water which is an important part of repair. The more water that your muscles retain, the more protected they are and the less likely you are to experience aches and pains.

The 5 Best Weight Gain Powders

Protein powder is making waves; most people who want to gain muscle, or even are just attending a gym regularly, look to incorporate them into their diet and it’s no surprise. They’re helpful for gaining weight fast, and especially for those looking for muscle gain supplements, and they’re suitable for men and women alike.

They’re a good way of getting in healthy mass gainer supplements, and providing your body with nutrients that it’s craving. Pills to gain weight are great, but if you’re looking to gain weight fast, then protein shakes for weight gain are definitely the way forwards.

#1 – Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass

On Serious Mass GainerWeight gain tablets are great, but most don’t pack the punch of the added calories. Both gaining weight and losing weight is simple math – to gain weight, simply increase your calorie intake to beyond what your body manages to burn in a day.

Serious Mass packs a massive amount of calories in a small amount of instant powder and is perfect for after workouts to help heal and repair muscles thanks to the 50 gr of protein that comes with it.

#2 – Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer

Pro GainerWeight gainer shakes are a good way to get in those additional calories, with ease. Drinking calories is easier than consuming them through meals, especially when you consider the foods that need to be eaten in a healthy diet and how they’re usually very low calorie. Lean meats and veg don’t pack that much of a punch compared.

Pro Gainer gives you a hit of 650 calories in one, with a high protein to carb ratio. It also includes vitamins and minerals designed to help out your body and give it everything it’s craving after a workout.

#3 – BSN True Mass

BSN True MassTrue Mass is filled with 700 calories, which includes a massive 50g of protein and 90g of carbs, ensuring your body has the energy that it needs to produce quality muscles and that much coveted weight gain.

It helps provide quick healing from achy, overworked muscles, and refuels you thanks to the number of carbohydrates available in one shake.


#4 – MuscleTech MASS-TECH

Muscle Tech MASS-TECHIf you’re looking for something high protein then MASS-TECH is definitely a step in the right direction.

It delivers a whopping amount of 63g of protein in each serving, which all work at different speeds to ensure your body is getting what it needs, when it needs.

It helps to preserve muscle glycogen stores, and keeps your muscles nice and healthy while your body burns through any additional fat it can find to fuel you.

#5 – Pro Jym

Jym Pass Gym Protein PowderFor those looking to keep their carbohydrate consumption low, Pro Jym includes 30g of carbs that are countered by 30g of protein per serving.

It’s packed with different kinds of protein, too, such as whey and egg, to ensure your body is getting just what it needs.

Taken after a workout, it can help to spike your protein synthesis and lead to better and bigger muscles.

The 5 Best Legal Steroids – Bodybuilding Anabolic Alternatives

Legal Steroids

Regardless of whether or not you want to get your hands on the highest quality legal steroids to pack on pound after pound of lean muscle mass just as quickly as humanly possible, or just want to supplement your daily workouts and clean eating with legal steroids to boost your “beach muscles” before summer rolls around, you’ll find included in the inside information below all of the answers you need to pull the trigger on the right investment in these game changing bodybuilding solutions.

Legitimate Anabolic SteroidsIt becomes next to impossible to get your hands on legitimate steroids (in the US, anyway), and we say only next to impossible because anything can be purchased if you’re willing to deal with some shady characters and inject some mystery substances into your body.

This has led to more and more people jumping on board the legal steroids train, taking advantage of almost all of the benefits that “real deal” steroids have to offer without many of the side effects – and especially without the potential for jail time!

We are going to outline for you below the positive benefits legal steroids have to offer, what to look for in these kinds of bodybuilding solutions, what to stay away from, and how to know that you are getting the right stuff for your specific needs.

Let’s dive right in!

The Best & Most Effective Legal Steroids’ Brands



Crazy Bulk

Best Steroids

Crazy Bulk Reviews

Crazy Bulk is the world’s leading supplement manufacturing company, which scientifically designed a hardcore anabolic supplement and a safe and legal substitute of the steroids.

All their bodybuilding supplements are safe and don’t includes any of the side effects. Their products are extremely effective for bodybuilders, athletes and fitness individuals and deliver the result within the minimum period of 4 to 6 weeks.


Stack Labs

Stack Labs Muscle Gainer

Stack Labs might not as good as Crazy Bulk, but, Stack Labs also has an effective solution to a complete muscle building nutrition by offering combination stacks. The benefit of combining related products in a stack is that you get all the nutrition in one place. Similar to Crazy Bulk, Stack Labs has different stacks available based on the purpose. For instance, they have Bulking Stack, Cutting Stack, and Burning Stack for fat loss.

Reading reviews about the bodybuilding steroids and bulk supplements that these two companies point out will have you swimming in a sea of glowing positivity from some of the most objective and high expectation people in the bodybuilding community.

These are two laboratories that take building the best steroid stacks very, very seriously, and understand that the legitimate steroid world of steroid alternatives is completely under-served.

Folks today are looking for the kind of chemical help necessary to push your physique and your performance over the top but the market just doesn’t have products that can get you where you are trying to go.

Bodybuilding supplements definitely assist along the way for sure, but nothing available over-the-counter – until just recently – has ever been able to go toe to toe with steroids and come out on the other side of that competition favorably.

Products all up and down the Crazy Bulk and Stack Labs line up are definitely worth looking closer into. You’ll find a tremendous amount of reviews online about these products come in the overwhelming majority of are going to be glowingly positive.

These solutions have been engineered – legitimately engineered – on a chemical basis to work with lightning like speed but also to produce long-lasting results that aren’t going to let you down.

There’s a reason why products from these two companies have been gobbling up market share left and right like a seasoned bodybuilding competitor crushing food during a bulk stage!

Quality of The Following 5 Steroid Alternatives Trumps Everything!

High Quality Steroid Alternative Results

Like everything else you put into your body to fuel your muscle growth, the bodybuilding steroids that you decide to purchase from legitimate sources need to be of the highest quality available.

They need to be the very best of the best when it comes to anabolic supplements, and they have to be able to offer you the kind of extreme performance benefits that you have been promised – the kinds of muscle mass building benefits you are expecting.

Those that have been in the bodybuilding game for a while know about the “big dog” steroids that are almost impossible to get your hands on (the ones that the FDA has banned completely in the United States), and if you don’t want to dive into the dark realm of back alley dealing and getting your hands on illegal drugs – and who could blame you – you’ll still want to get as close to that performance as you can.

We’re talking about getting your hands on legitimate steroid options that offer the same kinds of performance and offense that illegal steroids like Dianabol, Clenbuterol, Anavar, Winstrol, and good old fashion Testosterone.

Steroid Pills



Dianabol (sometimes called Dbol) is one of the fastest acting steroids ever created, the kind of muscle mass booster that doesn’t require you to inject anything into your bloodstream.

Click to view Dbol Results



Clenbuterol is another game changer in the steroid world, capable of transforming your body with lightning like speed but putting a bit of stress and pressure on your liver and your kidneys.

Click to view Clenbuterol Results



Anavar is a relatively “mild” steroid when it comes to side effects, anyway, but still creates the cascade of biochemical reactions you need to jack up your muscle building potential and give you the body that you’ve been working so hard for.

Click to view Anavar Results



Winstrol and good old-fashioned testosterone are a little bit older than most of the other anabolic steroid options out there, but the reason they have stuck around so long is because of the reliable and consistent results they have been producing for decades now.

Click to view Winsol Results



Testosterone is a standout steroid amongst the most flexible anabolic androgenic steroids ever orchestrated and appropriate for any reason. Testosterone functions to improve mood, muscle strength, bone mineral density and body composition in testosterone deficient men.

Of course, unless you want to invite a whole lot of risk into your life – and the potential for the DEA or FBI kicking in your door in the middle of the night and arresting you for possession of banned substances and some seriously high category drugs – you want to stay as far away from those steroids as possible.

Luckily, you can get almost identical results (maybe 80% of the results you would have received with the “real deal” steroids) by avoiding those options and instead getting your hands on either the bulking stack or the cutting stack from Crazy Bulk or Stack Labs.

Both of these operations put out some amazing legitimate and 100% legal steroid options that get you almost the same results as real steroids, without the risk to your short or long-term health and without ever having to worry about finding yourself behind bars instead of pressing them on a bench.

The return on your investment (ROI) with legitimate steroids is sky-high

For starters, the biggest return on investment you’re going to get when you choose to bail on “real deal” steroid options and instead purchase legitimate steroid alternatives is that you never have to look over your shoulder and worry about seeing some three letter agency chasing you down, arresting you at work, or embarrassing you in front of your family and plastering your face all over the local paper and the web.

Just Google “steroid bust” when you get a bit of free time and you’ll find literally thousands and thousands of posts and pages about people that tried to skirt the law and buy steroids from less than legitimate sources, only to find themselves under investigation – and then behind lock and key – because of foolish decisions like this.

If that alone isn’t enough of an ROI on this kind of decision, nothing else will be!

On top of that benefit, however, you are also going to be able to enjoy speedy results that produce measurable impacts on your body and your lean muscle mass almost instantly after you start using products like the ones we mentioned above.

Unlike creatine which requires a “loading phase” or other bodybuilding supplements that are usually little more than calorie heavy powders designed to chunk you up while you work out, you won’t have to worry about waiting 6 to 8 weeks to see the benefits and results of the legitimate steroid you decide to you.

You’ll also spend a lot less on real deal steroid alternatives when you choose to buy steroids online – especially when you’re purchasing them from legitimate companies you know you can trust like Crazy Bulk and Stack Labs.

These companies don’t have to spend a small fortune on advertising in all of those glossy muscle mags the way that other supplement companies do, and they are able to pass along all of that savings to their customers. Most of these operations also produce their own product “in-house”, which lets them cut out the middleman and save you more money as well.

What really Are Legal Steroids, anyway?

There is a bit of misinformation out there about what legal anabolic steroids and legitimate steroid alternatives really are and the mass-produced (and really mass-marketed) “legal steroids” that are little more than protein powder and creatine rolled into one pre-workout supplements!

Sifting through the options that you will have on the market today is mission critical. You’ll have to do your research, you’ll have to do your due diligence, and you’ll have to make sure that you are getting your hands on the best legal steroids are available – legal steroids that work and work well – as opposed to those modern-day snake oil pills and potions that talk a big game but never deliver.

The overwhelming majority of the legal steroids available on the market today are steroid and performance enhancing drugs – usually anabolic supplements or anabolic steroids in a “lighter” version of the hard gear that has been banned by the FDA for some time now.

Many of these steroids are derived from anabolic solutions that were created in the early 60s, banned in the early 80s, and then reinvented and re-imagined in the early 2000’s.

Thanks in large part to the power of modern medicine and major leaps forward in our understanding of the human body – and how to synthesize and produce legal steroids that work – you are able to get some pretty amazing results out of similar chemical compositions that would have had you thrown off of Olympic teams all over the world (except for maybe the Russian women power lifters) in the 1990s!

Other legal steroids today aren’t steroids at all the traditional sense, but instead heavy duty mass building bulk supplements that are designed to trigger a similar biochemical reaction in your body but aren’t actually anabolic steroids at all.

These solutions can still be game changers – legitimate muscle growth pills definitely exist to be really careful about the options you decide to purchase and use – but for the most part you want anabolic steroids “light” helping you transform your body just as fast as humanly possible.

Outline Your Expectations BEFORE You Go Shopping

The major mistake that folks make all the time when they go searching for the best legitimate steroid options on the market today is hunting for anything and everything that sounds like it can “deliver the goods” rather than really breaking down and outlining their expectations and their muscle building goals and then backwards engineering the search to find steroids that can fit the bill.

The first kind of approach is going to have you jumping from one steroid to another, depending entirely upon what the marketing and advertising behind these fitness focused supplements are promising.

The second kind of approach takes your training, your physiology, your biology, and your goals into account BEFORE you go window-shopping for these kinds of steroids – and that’s how you come across the real deal solutions that will actually work best for you.

You’ll also need to get very, very serious about purchasing legitimate steroid options only from 100% legitimate operations.

Again, there is a world of difference between purchasing “natural steroids” and muscle growth pills from a glossy men’s muscle magazine (advertised right next to the NEXT BIG BREAKTHROUGH in creatine) and getting your hands on the kind of tools that serious bodybuilders and strongmen have been utilizing for years now to transform their physique when they hit the hardest of plateaus.

You shouldn’t spend any time whatsoever fooling around with weak and ineffective supplements that promise the moon in the stars but aren’t ever able to deliver.

By doing business only with legitimate operations that offer the best steroid stacks, you won’t ever have to worry about getting swindled by the snake oil salesman out there today.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, there are definitely plenty of steroid options you can pick and choose from when you’re looking to pack a tremendous amount of muscle mass on your frame in as short a block of time as possible.

Legal steroid alternatives exist today, and these legal anabolic steroids are going to work wonders when it comes to helping you transform your physique, improve your performance, hand crafted the body of your dreams faster than you ever would have thought possible.

Just make sure you’re getting your hands on the right stuff before you take the plunge!

Body Weight Exercises – The 6 Hardcore Methods

Body weight exercises can be really intense, if you do them right.

Those are the hardest exercises to do, but when you master them, there is nothing more rewarding!

The best thing about body weight exercises is that you can do them just about anywhere, you can do them at home, at the backyard, at a kids playground etc. Try to stay away from stores because the security guards don’t like you hanging on door frames doing chin ups, bus stations are okay though, if you don’t mind when people stare at you.

I happen to love body weight exercises and am very passionate about them. They served me well when I could not afford a gym subscription.

Did I mention that they are safe? There is less of a chance that you will get injured doing sit ups. Barbell squats are basically the same exercise but there is the chance that you will get hurt with the barbell (disclaimer: I did not say you WON’T get injured if you aren’t careful).

So let’s begin:

1. Do Some Push Ups

Everyone knows about push ups and everyone takes them for granted. While they are looking for some magic exercise that will make them pack on muscle, they have no idea that they already have one right under their noses.

Push ups are an awesome exercise because they are the only replacement for a barbell bench press that you will ever find if you can’t afford buying weights. You can add extra weight by wearing a weighted vest or just have your baby sister sit on your back.

They mainly stimulate your chest and triceps kind of like a bench press.

For an extra challenge do them with elevated feet. Put them on a chair and try doing push ups now. I bet you that it’s harder.

2. Sit Ups – They Are Just Like Squats but With No Barbell

In my opinion barbell squats are only meant to be done by a man who can do more than 30 sit ups.

Sit ups target your quads and also your abs. Like I said, squat replacement.

I want to encourage you to keep going when it starts to hurt, and don’t stop until you just can’t do one more sit-up.

This morning I did sit ups until my legs hurt so much that I walked around like a 2 year old who can’t stop tripping over his own feet.

You can wear a weighted vest or have your baby sister hanging off your back if you need extra weight. Actually, you can do many things to add more weight, so use your imagination (so long as you don’t tie the fridge to your back).

If you want an extra challenge (my role model Vince Delmonte says that this exercise isn’t optional, it’s a must), you can do one legged sit ups. Get on an elevated area (leave your other leg hanging), and do 1 legged sit ups there. I promise you that your leg will feel it will break on the first rep (an awesome feeling if you ask me).

3. Doing Pull Ups On Door Frames

Pull Ups on Door FramesPull ups are great for your back, I don’t know many alternatives for this exercise so I always do it. For this exercise I always used the monkey bars in a playground not too far from my house.

It can be hard to find a place to do this exercise at home. You can try hanging on the freezers door, but don’t be surprised if you break it.

Luckily, there is also lots of places outside the house, maybe a tree branch right outside the house (just get a gym subscription if you can afford one).

To add extra weight tie a weight plate to yourself. Tie it hard enough so it won’t fall off or get your girlfriend to pull on you, whatever works.

I heard that the pros do a harder version of this exercise, they put their hands really far from each other(as far as they can), and when they pull themselves up they put their head behind the bar they use, not the front. Just be careful because this exercise should be used sparingly, it can damage your back.

4. Chin ups, Don’t hit your chin

Chin ups are almost the same as pull ups except you hold the bar (ideally) with your palms facing you and they must be close together.

This exercise targets your biceps so that you can use it aside from dumbbell exercises.

Try not to do this exercise right after pull-ups, your hands might still be tired.

5. Doing Dips On Tables or Chair

Dips ExerciseDips are great for your Triceps, better than push-ups since you are holding your entire body with your arms.

I remember doing dips on chair or 2 tables back in school. This exercise is not easy for first timers. A first timers arms will start shaking like an old mans.

I found doing this exercise much easier than using dumbbells.

For extra weight you probably already have an idea of what to do, so I will end the dumb jokes (not).

6. The Hanging Leg Raise For Chocolate Squares On Your Abs

This exercise is challenging if you have weak hands, you won’t be able to hang for long if your fingers start to turn red after 30 seconds of holding on. Hell! It’s a challenge even if you have strong hands.

You hang off something (we already discussed this), and raise your legs. Not to their full length just the knees while your legs are bent. When you won’t be able to lift your legs anymore. Leave them up until your abs feel like they are on fire.

There is also a full hanging leg raise in which your legs are fully extended. If you can do this, it means you have very strong abs.

I the full hanging leg raise is too easy for you tie some weight plates to them and we will see how you can handle that.

What is The Best Bodybuilding Diet?

Optimum Nutrition Gold. Muscletech Nitro-Tech. These are some common product names to help you “get big” or “gain mass.”

Pick up any magazine on bodybuilding tips, and you’ll be overcome with the latest protein powders, bars, and shakes that may increase your muscle, but will most certainly drain your wallet.

The truth is, everybody is different. Two different people picking up either of those products will have completely different results based on their metabolism, level of physical activity, and a host of other elements.

When I was in High School, I ate the same lunch as my friend every day. I asked what he had for dinner, and it sounded like he ate like a horse. Neither of us ever had breakfast. But he was skinny as a rail, and couldn’t gain weight to save his life.

Me, on the other hand, well, let’s say I was a bit different.

Unfortunately, there is no “one size fits all” bodybuilding diet. Only general rules apply. Protein will help you build muscle. There are good fats and bad fats. There are good carbs and bad carbs.

Depending on where you are, and where you want to be, your dietary requirements are going to be different.

Protein ShakesIf you happen to be skinny as a rail, like my high school buddy, then I’d suggest to eat as much as possible, and go heavy on the proteins and complex carbs. Protein shakes are always good.

Throw in some peanuts, as they fat contained in peanuts is excellent, as well as the fats contained in other nuts. Almonds are great. Nutritionally dense, and portable. Don’t be shy around meats like chicken fish.

If on the other hand, you are more like I was in high school, you might want to stay away from the unhealthy fats like anything fried. Take a shot of olive oil every morning.

Olive OilSeriously.

Olive oil has some significant benefits of increasing your bodies natural production of leptin, which many researchers are starting think holds the secret to fat loss. The more leptin your body produces, the more you burn body fat for energy.

Ok, you don’t have to pound a shot of olive oil, but you might want to add it to your low carb protein shake.

Stick with leaner meats, like chicken breasts, and fish.

I knew a guy I trained with once that went on a diet of strictly boiled chicken breasts and broccoli for a month before a competition. Doesn’t sound very appealing, I know, but man this guy was ripped.

I this is going to sound a little out, but start to pay attention to your energy levels. If you ever feel that “sugar crash” during the day ease up on the sugars and eat some longer lasting carbs like veggies and grains.

If your energy level is pretty good throughout the day, don’t worry about it. Just keep on lifting, and get plenty of rest.

Walking To Lose Weight

Exercise by WalkingWalking is a much underestimated way of losing weight. You can easily lose up to 25 lbs quick time just by strolling in the park regularly.

Walking to lose weight can be very enjoyable, seamless, kind on the joints (when compared to running), and an all-round safe form of movement.

You may find a walking routine much easier to digest than pounding the concrete.

How Quickly Can I Lose Weight from Walking?

It’s entirely possible to lose up to 1 lb of bodyweight a week, simply for walking up to 20 minutes, three times a week.

Gradual increases are recommended in terms of frequency and duration of your walks. It’s not difficult to get in up to 60 minutes of walking a day, every day.

To get the most out of your walk, you should try burning between three and 500 calories, every time you do it.

If you feel you might struggle with this task, you need to cut down on your daily to compensate.


walkOne of the big put offs about walking is the perceived boredom it brings with it.

To keep things interesting, alternate your walks between indoors and outdoors. Indoor walking can be as enjoyable as outdoor walking using a treadmill. You can enjoy watching your preferred TV program while working out!

When walking outside, bring an MP3 player along and listen to your favorite tunes and take in the fresh air.

How to Maintain Weight Loss

Although a walking in itself is a great tool for losing weight, by factoring in resistance exercises you will see a real difference very soon.

Resistance training helps to work and build the muscles (I’m not talking the Incredible Hulk sort) which burn calories hours after your workout routine.

By burning calories for hours on end, the body isn’t able to store them as fat.
Alternatively, you can combine the walking and resistance training by using wrist and ankle weights every other day.

If that isn’t enough, you can factor in high-intensity interval training sessions once a week to keep things challenging.

Abidexin Review | Appetite Suppresant for Weight Loss

Abidexin claims to work in a number of different ways. Abidexin is supposed to curb appetite, shift body fat, and work to supercharge the metabolism.

These are all pretty familiar claims that many weight loss pills frequently make, and it’s my job to dig deep and take a closer look at this supplement.

Quick Facts
  • One bottle could last as little as 10 days!
  • Each container holds 60 capsules

Abidexin Ingredients Breakdown

Reviews of AbidexinThankfully, the makers of Abidexin have been good enough to reveal the exact ingredient amounts used. The same can’t be said for many of the competitor brands.

Caffeine Anhydrous (210 mg per serving): known to burn fat and increase mental cognition. Caffeine is known to have diuretic effects in some people.

Green Coffee Bean Extract (200 mg per serving): rich in chlorogenic acid and suspected of promoting weight loss by inhibiting glucose absorption.

Green Select Phytosome Green Tea (150 mg per serving): packed in antioxidants and catechins, known to promote weight loss.

CoEnzyme Q10 (50mg): preliminary studies seem to suggest potential weight loss properties.

Irvingia Gabonensis: derived from a widely grown wild plant and suspected of promoting weight loss due to its rich in fiber content. Also suspected of bringing cholesterol levels into check.

Major Concerns

  • Not many positive customer reviews
  • One bottle can last as little as 10 days

What Are Customers Saying About Abidexin?

The Amazon rating table for Abidexin makes things pretty clear as to what customers think. The vast majority of people seem to give it two stars out of five. Customer comments seem to suggest Abidexin is a waste of time and money.

Can Abidexin Trigger Any Side Effects?

Abidexin looks pretty safe on the face of things, however it may aggravate existing heart conditions and high blood pressure. Furthermore, there is a lot of caffeine in Abidexin, and typical caffeine associated side-effects include jitteriness, headaches, nervousness and anxiety.

Does The Manufacturer Offer a Money Back Guarantee?


Abidexin Positives and Negatives

  • Comes with money back guarantee
  • User-friendly website
  • One bottle can last as little as 10 days
  • High caffeine content
  • Plenty of negative feedback
  • Not all ingredients promote weight loss

Does Abidexin Work?

Certain ingredients like green coffee bean extract have shown to promote weight loss in mice during preliminary studies. But going by the customer feedback, many people have noted that Abidexin is an extremely poor weight loss aid.

This could be down to under-dosing certain ingredients.

However, a small number of people found Abidexin to be useful in aiding weight loss, provided regular exercise and a healthy diet was in place.

How to take Abidexin

Users are advised to take between one and three capsules at least seven hours before going to bed.

The Verdict

Okay, Abidexin is certainly not everybody’s cup of tea. If you’re one of those fortunate individuals who found this supplement to work, then good for you!

Abidexin also comes with a money back guarantee.

But the vast majority of people did not experience anything to write home about, and when considering the caffeine-related side effects, I would have to reject Abidexin.

Where to Buy Abidexin

You can buy Abidexin on the abidexin.com.

How much is Abidexin?

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HCG Complex Reviews – 7 Facts You Must Know About

There are many different conflicting views that have been expressed over the HCG complex drops. However, what has been agreed upon is the noticeable weight loss caused by the diet.

Many reviews over the Biosource HCG complex are quick to note the dramatic weight loss caused by the product.

1. Review of HCG Complex from My Close Friend

HCG Complex for SaleA friend of mine had struggled with self-image issues for years. She decided to try this diet to shed some of the weight that always makes her feel so self-conscious.

At first she was really excited about the results – the diet lived up to its promise of being able to burn through 1 to 4 pounds of fat per day.

However, as time progressed, she began to worry about the rapid weight loss. She wasn’t feeling like herself, and the limited diet she had to follow wasn’t giving her enough energy to complete her daily routine. At the end of the diet, she began to gain back weight and feeling awful.

Although she did keep some weight off, she gained a lot of weight back simply by going back to her normal eating habits (which was not following the recommended 2,000 calories) –

However, she admitted to me that this is not necessarily a bad thing as long as she can accompany her HCG drops diet in conjunction with a healthy diet, which she hasn’t done yet.

2. Different Persons, Different Results

hcg complex increase metabolic rate

The result will be different for each person because the body’s metabolic system of each person is different. The B-12 vitamins ingredient contained in the HCG Complex supplement is there to avoid rapid weight gain after dieting.

Nevertheless, one must maintain a healthy diet even though the weight has dropped through HCG Complex.

Ultimately, HCG complex diet can prove to be enormously useful towards weight loss. However, it is important to keep in mind that this is a temporary solution.

To put it another way, it shouldn’t be the end of your weight loss strategy. A consistent schedule of diet and exercise will be essential, in terms of keeping the weight off.

3. How Does HCG Complex Work?

how does Complex Drops work

HCG (human chronic gonadotropin) Complex is created by Biosourcelabs. It is a synthesized hormone that is normally made by a woman’s body during pregnancy. HCG works by releasing fat storage in a woman’s body to ensure that she and the baby have enough nutrients to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Since the body requires so much energy for the creation of a fetus, there needs to be additional nutrients provided for the mother and child – thus the HCG is used to produce them. This is also the reason that the HCG complex works so effectively in the diet.

The hormone works in the same way, even though there is no fetus present to benefit from the release of the fat cells. When a person takes the HCG Complex in accord with the diet regimen, they are depriving the body of enough nutrients to maintain a constant weight – thus causing all of the weight loss that yields what people see as amazing results.

However, the body goes into ‘survival mode’ after being deprived of enough nutrients to keep the body functioning at a normal level. The body feels as though it is starving.

Because of this, when you begin eating again, your body will cling to all of the nutrients that are being fed to it and you will experience rapid weight gain again. This is where B-12 vitamins ingredient takes place.

4. Looking More at Its Ingredients

It is worth keeping in mind the ingredients of HCG Complex. The promise with these drops is that you are getting something that is completely natural. This is absolutely true.

The ingredients are Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, vitamin B12, magnesium phosphate, natrium phosphoricum, American ginseng, fucus vesiculosus (bladderwrack), L-Arginine, L-Carnitine, L-Ornithine, L-Lysine and L-glutamic acid. These ingredients work on a number of levels. When combined, they provide a consistent, effective, and highly safe boost to your metabolism.

A low-calorie diet can emphasize these benefits.

In terms of specific ingredient benefits, vitamin B12 can benefit your nerves and red blood cells. Vitamin B12 is required in each HCG drops product, to ensure you do not experience significant weight gain after the diet lasts. When you do not find this vitamin in the HCG drops product, then you have chosen the wrong product.

L-arginine benefits blood flow. American ginseng can help with low iron in the blood. The list goes on. Research these ingredients further, and you will find consistencies in what they individually offer.

All of them improve the various functions that help to optimize your metabolism. It makes other parts of your system more effective, which can naturally benefit things like mood and energy on a variety of levels.

While it is doing all of this, it is also benefiting your metabolism. The drops need only be used 2-3 times per day. As your metabolism begins to improve, which should happen in fairly short order, you will find yourself with more energy.

This in turn can help you to continue utilizing smart strategies to keep the weight off for the long term.

5. HCG Complex Compared to Other Products

Let’s compare this with Hydroxycut product, which is another diet product, is often consumed by the market. Hydroxycut refers to a dietary supplement family that is designed to help with weight loss. Mixes and protein bars are two examples of products you can find.

While these products are indeed effective, they do not seem to be as effective as HCG complex. Furthermore, Hydroxycut alternatives like MHP Anadrox, and SAN Tight Hardcore contain either chemicals, or utilize ingredients that are not proven to be as effective, as what you’re getting with HCG complex.

Many of the supplements you buy at such a costly price are based on enhancing natural products that help your body boost its metabolism. Ever wonder about those green tea pills you see at your local stores that promise to give you amazing weight loss results?

For similar results, all you have to do is add green tea to your diet. You’ll be able to boost your metabolism!

6. Company Profile

Biosourcelabs is based out of California and are responsible for researching and creating products to help the human body by using known processes to enhance the way the body is able to function.

This is why they are able to produce products like HCG, and Garcinia Cambogia. However, even though their products are very effective, it is not necessarily very safe.

7. Is HCG Complex Worth It?

Compared to other products, it is. While there are some side effects of this product that you should keep in mind, it’s really nothing in the realm of serious.

Furthermore, side effects like dizziness, headaches, constipation, and leg cramps are all considered to be relatively minor in almost all reported cases. In other words, you can manage anything that may happen on your own.

4 Best HCG Diet Drops on Today’s Market : My Reviews

HCG DropsSo, I’m sure you’ve encountered your share of weight loss supplements and products on the web. Every month, something new seems to surface in the fitness market. Currently, people are raving about the hot, new hcg drops diet, an alternative to traditional diet pills.

While researching diet products, I stumbled upon a few HCG dietary supplements myself, all of which I found interesting, to say the least. If you are familiar with this trend, then you may have noticed counterfeit or low quality hcg drops on the web. This is why you needed a trusted source to sort between the real HCG drops and the counterfeit ones.

Based on research and personal experience, I would recommend the following HCG products:

# 1
HCG Complex
# 2
HCG Triumph
# 3
Official HCG

# 4
HCG 1234
Top HCG Complex DropsTop HCG TriumphTop Official HCG Diet DropsTop HCG 1234

My Research on each HCG Drops : Based on Market Search Volume and Analytics

How popular are these products exactly? To answer this question, consider the online market search volume for each product.

HCG Complex Market Search Volume

The average monthly market searches for the HCG Complex were at 750 in the month of July 2014, and they increased to about 900 by July 2015.

HCG Triumph Market Search Volume

The HCG Triumph market search volume was about 750 per month in July 2014, and slightly under 750 in 2015.

HCG1234 Market Search Volume

The HCG 1234 acquired 3.75K searchers by Jul 2015. However, take a look at below market insight:

HCG Drops Brands Awareness Insight

Between the time span of Sept 18 and Sep 24 2016, HCG complex was 36% as popular since its peak in popularity, whereas HCG 1234 was 15% as popular, while HCG Triumph was 6% as popular. So currently, the HCG Complex has been proven to be the preferred diet product.

Is It Too Good to Be True?

Do HCG weight loss drops really live up to their reputation? Which HCG drops are best for people on diets?

Like many individuals, when I first discovered these products, I was skeptical, to say the least. I assumed the customer reviews were either fabricated or too good to be true. So, I scoured customer ratings to get a better idea of this product and its capabilities.

Customer Satisfaction Ratings, Success Rates and Speed of Results

The HCG 1234

HCG 1234 negative reviewsThe first product to be discussed is HCG 1234, which actually came in the last place, with a customer satisfaction rating of 76%, while the product itself is rated at 71%.

The speed of results was actually judged as “average” by the customers. Whereas, the quality of the ingredients ranked highly.

The official ratings suggest that HCG 1234 is not the best HCG drops on the market (compared to the HCG Complex, which ranked number 1).

The Official HCG Diet Drops

The Official HCG Diet Drops brand is a new diet product on the market. However, it is known to work very well. The reviews for this product are overwhelmingly positive, which you can see for yourself on the excellent writing about The 3 Best HCG Drops on The Market – Customer Reviews & Ratings. However, the jury is still out on this product, as it was newly introduced to the market.

The HCG Triumph

hCG drops for weight lossOverall, the HCG Triumph customer satisfaction ratings were pretty high. According to the customer reviews, people who followed their diet and HCG Triumph plan as instructed reported rapid weight loss.

I would like to emphasize that this is no magical pill or miracle. Yet, remarkably, some reviewers claimed to have lost about 1-2 lbs every single day.

However, it did come close, ranking second place. If it makes you feel any better, this product has appeared on many well-known TV and news networks.

The exact customer satisfaction rating for this product is actually about 91%, and the overall rating for the product is 80%, so this is fairly decent. According to the customers, the general consensus is this product works quickly. Fast results are good results.

The HCG Complex

details of hcg dropsNow, last but not least, we have the HCG Complex, the most esteemed HCG diet product on the market. With a 100% customer satisfaction rating, this product is the best among its kind. The product quality alone was given a 98%, which is almost perfect.

This is not a personal opinion, as the facts and the numbers speak for themselves. Of all the products listed, this one achieves its results the fastest.

So if you’re serious about losing weight in record time, this one is highly recommended. With a risk free return policy, you can’t go wrong.

The Ingredients of each HCG Brands

#1. HCG Complex

While these products use a similar HCG compound, the product quality and ingredients are not identical. The HCG Complex contains a healthy dose of fat burning properties, which include L-Glutamic Acid, L-Leucine, L-Arginine, vitamin-B12, magnesium phosphate, and much more.

In total, this Complex product contains about 25 ingredients designed to jumpstart your metabolism and shed excess fat.

#2. HCG 1234

The HCG 1234 ingredients include a unique blend of L-Carnitine, L-Arginine, L-Glutamine, Astragalus, Niacin, Mica and several other ingredients.

This product offers a synthetic hormone substitute, instead of the hormone itself. Furthermore, these happen to be homeopathic drops as well.

#3. HCG Triumph

The HCG Triumph product contains human chorionic gonadotropin, arginine, tyrosine, phosphatase, lysine, L-carnitine and more. These are highly effective ingredients, known to expedite fat burning and weight loss.

#4. Official HCG Diet Drops

The Official HCG Diet Drops contains HCG, L-carnitine, rubus idaeus, antimonium crudum, calcarea carbonica, Manganum Metallicum, and more.

As you can see, all of these products contain a proprietary blend of really complex ingredients. Furthermore, it is impossible to find pure hcg drops on the market. The question is, which recipe is the most effective?

Based on customer reviews, satisfaction ratings and Google Analytics, HCG complex is the best.

How Much Do HCG Drops Cost?

Like most people, you probably want to save money. If you are looking for an effective, but, economical product, then I would recommend the HCG Complex, or its competing products. In addition to free shipping, the prices are reasonable for all four of these products.

For about $79, you can order a 21 day supply of the Official HCG Drops. If this fits within your budget, then you should go for it.

If you are seeking a more affordable option, then you may purchase the HCG 1234 product $55 (for one bottle) or $79 (for two bottles).

The HCG complex, which delivers the greatest value, can be purchased for about $69 (for two bottles – it means only $34.5 per bottle), while the HCG Triumph Kit (a 26 day supply) can be purchased for $59.

As you can see, all of these products seem to average between the price range of $34 and $79.

Price Comparison with Other Weight Loss Products

Compared to other weight loss alternatives, the price of HCG products is phenomenal for the value you receive. For example, weight loss surgery or liposuction charge well into the thousands. Whereas, this product can achieve decent results for less than a $100.

While some weight loss supplements cost significantly cheaper than HCG products, Human Gonadotropin Hormone’s effects have been proven.

For instance, Hydroxycut Hardcore is about $17. However, the only significant ingredient in that product is green coffee, which does not compare to the proprietary blend of HCG diet products.

Company Credibility

How credible are these companies in reality, and who can you trust? Their risk-free policies make it easy to try the products at your own discretion. Let’s take a closer look at these policies to make sure you know what you’re getting into.

For example, you have the option to return your HCG Complex within 30 days for a full refund if you are unhappy with the product.

HCG Triumph also offers customers a 30-day, money back guarantee as well.

As for the Official HCG Diet Drops, you will be offered a full refund and an additional $10 if you do not see results within the first week.

And of course, the HCG 1234 diet offers a 100% money back guarantee as well. So, based on the reviews, and the money back guarantees, I would say it is worth a try. You truly have nothing to lose, except weight of course.

Safety and Side Effects

Some people are curious about hcg drops side effects. Are these products safe? For the most part, yes. However, in some cases, the following side effects have been reported: irritability, depression, edema, and restlessness in some cases.

Where to Buy

If you have wondered where to buy hcg drops, simply check online, or visit the official websites below to order.

  1. HCG Complex
  2. HCG Triumph
  3. The Official HCG Diet Drops
  4. HCG 1234

Additional Tips on the Diet Fads Galore

I would like to mention a few tips and recommendations. The first tip concerns diet, as it is best to pursue this regimen with a sensible diet. As I’ve read, sugar increases fat storage in the body. One website, in particular, encourages customers to eliminate sugar from their diet while using the HCG regimen.

So, as long as you stick to your diet plan, you will maximize your weight loss. However, stevia is generally considered a proper alternative to sugar. It does not affect your glycemic index and it should satisfy any sugar cravings you have. There are lots of HCG friendly diet foods out there.

Using the Right Moisturizers

Another important tip to remember is that soap, lotion and oil often contain specific extracts, fats and ingredients which counteract weight loss, especially on the HCG diet.

Many websites encourage customers to avoid these ingredients, as not to counteract the effects of the product. Generally speaking, customers are asked to use baby oil and mineral oil to prevent weight gain.

3 Best HCG Diet Injections for Effective Weight Loss

hCG InjectionsObesity is a serious health concern. Being obese entails various health risks. People who are obese are more prone to diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Additionally, an obese person is also prone to mental illnesses – such as depression, anxiety, and suicidal tendencies.

To keep obesity at bay, an effective weight loss method must be applied. HCG diet injections can bring visible and significant results that no other weight loss method can.

The Basic Concept of HCG Injections

Levels of human chorionic gonadotropinHuman Chorionic Gonadotropin, or HCG, is a natural hormone produced by females during the early stages of pregnancy. This hormone is found in the placenta of a pregnant woman. HCG sustains the development of the fetus. It makes sure that the fetus receives all the necessary nutrients it needs. These nutrients are obtained from the food taken by the mother.

HCG helps in stabilizing the mother’s metabolism during pregnancy. If the food consumed by the mother is not enough to sustain both the mother and the fetus, HCG will provide the lacking nutrients. This will be done by converting the mother’s excess fats in the body into a food source for the fetus.

This remarkable ability of the HCG led to various researches on how to fully utilize it. Specialists have found a way to use the potential of this hormone in weight loss. HCG is now used as an effective and fast way to lose weight. This is why the HCG injection and diet plan are formulated.

Where to Buy Real HCG Injections Online

HCG injections can be bought everywhere, especially online. Thus, it is important to determine the best HCG injections available.

There are two kinds of HCG that are available in the market: homeopathic and pharmaceutical. Homeopathic HCG does not have the actual HCG hormone. Manufacturers of this kind of HCG combine diluted HCG with fillers. Homeopathic HCG is ineffective and harmful to the health. On the other hand, pharmaceutical HCG has natural HCG contents. As such, it is more potent in providing weight loss benefits.

There are various websites where you could get high quality HCG injections. Buying from these websites will guarantee authentic HCG. These websites include:

#1 – Nu Image Medical#2 – Rejuvi Medical#3 – US HCG Shots
Nu Image Medical ReviewsRejuvi Medical InjectionsUS HCG Shots Reviews

1. Nu Image Medical

NuImageMedical boasts of its simple process in buying HCG injections. The process of ordering HCG injections consists of choosing the duration of the diet and the preferred form of administering.

The duration of the process depends on the user’s target weight, which determines the number of pounds that need to be shed. For 5 to 15 pounds of weight loss, the 26-day HCG supply is recommended. The 46-day HCG supply is recommended for those who want to lose more pounds.

NuImageMedical offers different product forms of the HCG hormone: injections, drops, and pellets. The website gives different options for customers. However, not all these forms are equally effective. Among these three, injection is more effective. It has a higher absorption rate than drops and pellets. As such, injections give speedy results.

The complete HCG kit from NuImageMedical suggests to purchase other supplements – vitamin B12 and MIC solution. These additional supplements are deemed to make metabolism better. However, adding B12 and MIC will only make the process more tedious.

2. US hCG Shots

US HCG Shots offers real HCG injections kits to aid weight loss. The aim of their products is to achieve weight loss without the high costs. Through the HCG program kit, users will be able to inject their own HCG. Thus, it reduces the need for frequent trips to the clinic just to get injected.

Each HCG kit contains a vial of HCG hormone, with 5000 IU. Other accessories needed to administer the hormone – such as syringe, alcohol wipes, and mixing water – are also included. US HCG Shots use the same real HCG hormones used by doctors. The website claims to sell the original products of hCG injections.

3. Rejuvi Medical Injection

Finally, Rejuvi Medical offers the same HCG program that NuImageMedical has. Upon ordering, the duration is to be chosen. Rejuvi Medical has 25+ and 50+ day kits. Each kit has 5000 IU of HCG hormone. Additionally, the website also suggests buying B12 and MIC as boosters for the HCG.

These three websites are all trusted source of real HCG injections. People must be careful with when they decide to purchase HCG injections online. Avoid buying fake and ineffective HCG injections; stay safe.

What are the Benefits of Using HCG Injections?

Benefits of HCG Injections

For people who have tried almost every weight loss method and failed, never lose hope. HCG is surely the best weight loss method that there is.

Losing weight through HCG diet injections can be fully reached by combining it with consuming low calories. This is the same as with most weight loss methods. The problem with consuming low calorie foods is that a person will tend to feel weak and has hunger pains. These uncomfortable feelings will only make it easier for the person to binge eat and to give in to cravings.

On the other hand, using hCG injections will never give feelings of starvation – in spite of low calorie consumption. As to what HCG does for pregnant women, HCG injections utilize the fat reserves in the body. As such, even if a person consumes food with low calories, the fat reserves will still sustain the body.

HCG injections help in regulating the body’s metabolism. Additionally, the excess fats in the body are turned into energy to be used later on by the body. In a nutshell, HCG injections remove excess body fat while enforcing low calorie intake.

HCG is a hormone that is naturally produced by the body. Its weight loss abilities have been proven by doctors. The HCG as a weight loss product is scientifically proven to be effective. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of doctors who prescribe HCG.

Being backed up by science is what sets HCG apart from other weight loss methods. The HCG’s effectiveness has been recognized by medical professionals.

HCG Injections Side Effects

HCG injections can be used for weight loss, by both men and women. Originally, HCG is utilized – in higher concentrations – by a fetus for most of its development. HCG injections would only need about 125 IU to 200 IU. As such, the HCG injection is guaranteed to be perfectly safe. Using HCG will not cause any harm to the body.

Although, other people may experience constipation, dizziness, nausea, and drowsiness. These effects are just minimal in nature. There are no known major side effects of using HCG injections.

Unlike other weight loss methods, HCG injections should not be combined with exercise. Using HCG injections only require to keep track of daily calorie intake. Incorporating exercise into the equation will only make it easier to succumb to eating more than necessary. A strict calorie intake is the focus on losing weight through HCG injections.

5 Review Points of Why You Can Take HCG Diet to Lose Weight

I have seen many successes from the people who are taking HCG diet. Thence, I decide to jot down reviews with reference to this weight loss craze. Some of my companions inquired me whether this type of diet indubitably works or not.

On the level, the HCG weight loss presumably works since it tricks your body into thinking that it’s pregnant. You can either go for the injection or the drops. Whatever method you select, your body immediately goes on what they call the “starvation mode.”

It quickly uses the available nutrients in your body for the baby’s progress. Subsequently, seeing that you’ll be taking a limited amount of calories on a daily basis, the hormone tells your body to pick up further energy from adipose fat.

The diet has become quite popular. While not too many people truly understand the science behind the HCG diet, they’ve been a witness to its effects. The users have lost as much as 100 pounds. However, if you’re thinking about getting the injection or purchasing a bottle, just remember to follow its ground rules: no dairy, fat, carbs, and sugar.

1. What is the HCG Diet?

hcg dietTo understand the diet, you must first understand a woman’s body. For men, please pay attention, because this may work for you too.

First of all, HCG is a natural hormone that a woman’s body makes when she gets pregnant. The hormone itself supposedly resets your metabolism, so you lose every single day while you’re on a diet.

The HCG diet tells you to limit your caloric intake to as little as 500 calories each day. You won’t starve because the HCG drops or pills stave off hunger. The human chorionic gonadotropin hormone is available in several homeopathic forms: pills, injection, and drops.

The most popular in the list are the injection and the drops. The injection is only administered by an expert. You need to schedule a visit to your local doctor for this. For the ones who don’t want to be inconvenienced, the diet drops is obviously a better choice.

The HCG drops are made from homeopathic materials, something that you may want to know if you’re hesitant about taking in dangerous chemicals.

2. What makes HCG Effective?

hcg to reduce hungerPeople who have tried HCG have noticed reduced hunger pangs. The hormone allows them to survive with only a tiny amount of food in their system.

In pregnant women, HCG is the very substance that causes morning sickness. This is why many of them actually lose weight during the first few months of pregnancy.

Moreover, HCG is also known as a pro-hormone. Simply put, when you have HCG coursing through your bloodstream, your body is more capable of producing other hormones.

To many, this is a big plus because those who have done several crash diets are most likely to suffer from hormonal imbalance.

Some experts, however, still recommend HCG injections rather than pills or drops. They believe that the direct contact to the vein allows the hormone to course through the bloodstream, which makes it a lot more effective.

On the other hand, many those who have tried the other forms of HCG can still attest to the fact that these are still effective.

Lastly, it is also important to note that HCG keeps your body from losing muscle mass while lessening your food intake. Exercise isn’t recommended, especially during the first stage of the diet, since you won’t have enough energy supply in your body. HCG makes sure that you remain as healthy as you were before, less the body fat.

3. What is the HCG Diet Drops?

Many have complained about the inconvenience of having to go to the doctor every single day just to get an HCG boost. Hence, many companies converted the injection into drops or pills made from homeopathic materials. They believe that you’re exposed to less risk when you take natural substances.

Taking the pill, drops, injections, or spray isn’t enough, of course. You’ll also be required to follow a highly regimented diet.

To start with, you should already adjust your mindset because you won’t be eating much. You’ll have two full meals each day and a snack or two in between. Your meals often consist of the following:

  • Protein
  • Vegetable
  • Bread (brown and preferably sugar-free)
  • Fruit

The amounts are limited, of course. And as mentioned earlier, you are required to stay away from dairy, sweets, carbs, and all forms of oil. Your proteins should be grilled or steamed. This may sound quite boring, but some herbs and spices do make the meals tastier.

4. Types of HCG

As mentioned previously, HCG comes in many forms. Here’s an overview of what these are because debates have arisen and people continue to argue about HCG diet pills versus HCG drops.

HCG Injection – This is the most recommended by doctors and dieticians. Not only does a health administer the injections, but the hormone itself goes straight into your bloodstream.

hcg injection

HCG Drops – The drops are often made from homeopathic substances. Most brands require you to put the drops under your tongue and hold it for several seconds. Then, wait at least 30 minutes before your meal. While it is believed that this isn’t as effective as the HCG injections, many have actually benefited from the drops.

hcg drops

HCG Diet Pills – Little is known about the diet pills for now. Among the three, this is the newest form available. It is believed to be just as effective as the drops.

hcg diet pills

5. The Bottom Line

HCG has truly transformed the lives of many men and women. They’ve felt better about their bodies and have been pleased with the weight loss. It’s a good thing that you live in an era where the drops are easily accessible.

You have a variety of brands to choose from, the most popular are HCG Complex, HCG 1234, and HCG Triumph.

Hold on to your seats and find out more about these reviews on my blog because now that you know what your options are, you can better decide which brand is better. The whole routine requires hard work, perseverance, and willpower. And to those who have lost weight, they say that it’s worth all the effort.

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